Available Dobermans

**Please Read**

Many of our dogs are not suitable for homes with small children (children under 5)- PLEASE read the dog's bio thoroughly before applying. 
This could be for numerous reasons - small kids make them nervous, they need training, etc. 
If the dog does well with small children their bio will state "OK with small children".


We do not have designated adoption areas for our dogs. We normally do not go west of OH or south of VA and cover all northeastern states including New England. 
Once approved you are welcome to visit with suitable dogs no matter which state they are located in. Please be sure you are willing to travel to the location of the dog.

Moses ~ Gloucester, NJ

This is our sweet tripod Moses. His story will break your heart! At less than a year of age he had been shot by some horrible excuse for human and had his back leg amputated. He also carries around a piece of shrapnel that could not be removed in his poor front leg. Why oh why? It's hard to wrap your mind of the ignorance sometimes.

Thank goodness he will never, ever have to fear for his life again. We've promised Moses he is safe and sound and his biggest worries will be which toys to play with and which bed to lie on.

Despite the incredibly traumatic incident he had to endure, he is super sweet and loves every human he meets. He would do best as an only dog or with a medium to large submissive female. Moses is ok with cats.

Moses is looking forward to the rest of his life and his very own forever and ever family. We told him we know they are going to love him to infinity.


Good with some dogs

Good with kids

Good with cats


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Stormy ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Our final Mission 6 baby is our oldest - 10 year old Stormy who is momma to Trampoline. She was also, in our opinion, the worst off psychically.

Poor Stormy looked so pitiful the day we met her. Overweight, missing hair, bowed front legs and infected pressure sores. She was also pulled the first night and spent some time with a wonderful rescuer friend of DDR until we had available foster space. Thank you so very much Tracy!!

After a visit with Tracy's vet along with a recent visit to our vet, Stormy is on thyroid medication, a joint supplement and Doxy as she also tested positive for Lyme.

Our sweet senior girl was obviously bred over and over with no reprieve. Living her life supplying babies for sale. Well...no more sweet girl! We promise! It's all comfy couches and fluffy dog beds from here on out! You will live the life of a queen!

As with all of the Mission 6 dogs, Stormy has an incredible temperament. She is great with other dogs and wonderful with every human she meets.

It's the little things that makes Stormy's foster mom smile... like when Stormy will pounce around with the other dogs like a big puppy or when she sprawls out on her dog bed sound asleep with not a care in the world. Even picking up a bone and chewing away brings tears of happiness to her foster mom.

Stormy is a special girl for sure and at 10 years old she deserves every bit of catering she receives. As a senior girl whose only job was to have babies, we are, just as she is, looking forward to her future of no puppies and everything about Stormy.


Good with other dogs

Good with kids

No cats


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Haunz ~ Altoona, PA ~ Adoption Pending

This is super handsome Haunz.  He's three years old and in need of a forever home with Doberman experience.


Haunz is a sweet boy who is smart, pushy and wants his way.  He needs a forever home that will demonstrate leadership and not allow him to be in charge.  He also needs mental and physical stimulation.  He has energy to burn and needs a proper outlet.


Haunz does well with other dogs, but will only be placed in a forever home with another large breed female.  He would love a playmate for sure!  Haunz does not do well with cats and his reaction to small dogs is unknown.
Children in his home must be 10 years and up.

If you have what it takes for Haunz, you will not be disappointed.  He is the kind of Doberman we all dream about.

Good with other dogs
Will do best with kids 10 and older

Roscoe ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Roscoe, our adorable Miniature Pinscher, was recently returned through no fault of his own and is available for adoption.

Other than being totally adorable, Roscoe loves to nuzzle up against his human. He listens very well and knows basic commands. He sleeps through the night in his crate or on his bed, eats well, and is not an excessive barker at all and will quiet easily when told. He enjoys his bathtime, is good with both large and small dogs, walks great on leash and always struts his stuff.


He just wants to be the love of your life. That's all he looking for - A human companion to love him that he can love back.


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Aesa ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Are you thinking what we're thinking?? Yep - what a beauty!
This sweet super model is only a year old and has not had the best luck until now.  Poor Aesa was injured as a young puppy and was never given proper care for that injury.  The result?  Multiple damages to her rear, left leg: a fractured femur which is much shorter than it should be, a missing toe, several missing toenails, and hip dysplasia.  She was left to deal with these issues for months and suffering with a painful leg.

Thankfully for Aesa, she is finally going to get some relief.  After consulting with our vet, as well as a specialist, the best treatment plan seems to be FHO surgery to alleviate the pain in her hip.  Nothing can be done for her malformed femur, despite it causing her left leg to be shorter, it does not cause her pain.  As of right now she does use her leg most of the time, so we are hopeful the FHO surgery will allow her to have better use of her leg.
Aesa is a typical one year old Dobergirl - full of life, love and happiness.  She is a character for sure and very vocal.  She loves to tell ya how she's feeling!
Aesa's surgery is scheduled for the third week in March.  We will be sure to post an update after her surgery.
Good with other dogs
Good with kids
Cats are unknown


Tina ~ New Castle, PA

This is our sweet kissy face, Miss Tina!

She is a five year old, vibrant red Dobergirl who lost her home when her owner became too ill to care for her.  She was living in her former home by herself while committed animal lovers attempted to find a home or rescue for her.  Thankfully through a former adopter and Facebook, Tina was able to make her way to DDR.  Sadly, Miss Tina's former owner has since passed.

This girl will love you up for as long as you want! She is doing great in her foster home and her family loves her... including her furkid foster brother Rocco.

Sadly Tina came to DDR with two torn ACLs. Both of this girls knees were blown and they had been that way for quite some time.

After a consult with Dr. Anderson it was determined that Tina would in fact need Tibal Wedge Osteotomy surgery on both of her knees. Because Tina has malformed bones to start with, she requires the Tibal Wedge Osteotomy versus the regular TPLO.

This also meant she could not have both knees done at the same time. Tina's back legs tend to be bowed and the malformation is most likely why.

The surgery was performed on her right knee on Monday and Tina is now home and doing well. She's being a very good patient for her foster mom!

As if all of this wasn't enough, Tina's clot time was not within the acceptable range, so initially surgery had to be prolonged until a vWD test could done. Because she is somewhat affected, Dr. Anderson insisted she have a cryo transfusion prior to surgery. Thankfully surgery went well and and bleeding wasn't an issue.

Tina's knee surgery was a bit more complicated and we can only do one leg at a time. We are asking for help with these costs. The total cost for this surgery was $3675.00.

We had no choice but to do this surgery because poor Tina has never had the ability to walk correctly. She is in pain and sometimes walks backwards to get places because it was easier.

Dr.Anderson said her her ACL was almost completely gone and very little was left of the meniscus. Thank goodness she is on the road to recovery now.

Donations of any amount are appreciated to help offset the cost of Tina's surgery.

Please keep our sweet girl in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers.

Her left knee will be done as soon as Dr. Anderson feels she has recovered enough from this surgery.

Thank you all for your continued support for our babies!
Good with other dogs
Good with kids
Cats are unknown
Click on the picture above to donate to SND and Tina!

Cash ~ Kings Park, NY

Cash comes to DDR via our friends at The Bowling Green Humane Society in Kentucky, He was not only found homeless but obviously victim of being hit by a car based upon his injuries. This poor little guy had multiple open wounds and serious road rash. Don't worry though, Cash has recovered just fine thanks to his rescue angels in Kentucky and save a few remaining scars, his hair is growing back in beautifully. 

Cash is only a year old and full of sweetness. He bonds quickly with humans and fits right in with other canines of all sizes. His foster momma claims, "there is nothing but perfect in this baby." Not knowing Cash's history before his rescue he acclimated immediately to life back inside a loving home. He loves to cuddle while watching TV and shower his person with lots and lots of affection. He is also housebroken and doesn't seem to mind the snow either, for a little while anyway. 

Cash's perfect family will be one that can show him lots of love and spoil him rotten. He does request his new home have lots of blankets, any kind of blankets because in typical min pin fashion....he just loves them. 

If you happen to be amongst the many Families with an affliction for both Dobies and Pins....Cash is the ultimate guy for you....he's a total leaner and it's totally adorable. 

If interested in this wonderful and handsome young boy, please submit your application.


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Waldo ~ Youngstown, OH

Hi, hi and hi again!  My name is Waldo.  C'mon - go ahead and say it, "Where's Waldo?" I'm used to it.  I mean, how can you say Waldo without saying that?  
Well, to answer your question, I'm right here in Youngstown, OH, waiting for my forever and ever family to find me.  I was a stray and I can't remember how or why I became homeless, but man am I happy I'm not homeless anymore!  Thankfully a few very nice people saved me and then contacted DDR to see if they could take me in to help me find my forever and ever, happily ever after family!
Foster care is great! Let me tell you!  I am loooooving life here and my foster family said that when I go to my forever home it will be just the same!  That is fantastic news!
I'm not sure what breed I am, although, my foster momma says not to worry and that if 'Cute' was a breed that is what I would be!  I'm only a year old and still like to play.  I'm not c-r-a-z-y though so no worries about that.  I love my humans and I am fine with other dogs.  I weigh around 30-35 pounds, but I'm done growing for the most part so I'm not going to be a super big boy.
Well, I hope you find me soon forever and ever happily ever after family!  I'm waiting, patiently for you.
Love and smoochies, 
Waldo aka Where's Waldo?
**Good with other dogs**
**Good with kids**
**Cats are unknown**


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Wilma ~ Pittsburgh, PA~ Available March 2014

Hi there, 
My name is Wilma and around 7 or 8 years old. I found myself Ina southern shelter and I was so thankful to be rescued from there. My previous life mostly consisted of having babies...and, well, pretty much just having babies. Unfortunately I also ended up with heartworms. I really didn't know what they were...just that I felt kinda crappy. 
Thankfully now I am on medication to help with my heartworms...and I'm feeling much better. For now I can't have the injections because I have so many worms...and my lungs are weak. I may never have the injections though my foster momma told me. She said I may just take monthly meds for the rest of my life because it will be easier on me. =)
I love my foster humans and I like hanging out with the furkids in my foster home but I hate the cat...
Car rides are fun and my foster momma takes me out to rescue events where I get to meet lots of people. Soooooo much petting and I looooove it!!
I have a lot of love to give because I've been saving it up for a long, long time. 
Love and kisses, 
**Good with other dogs**
**Good with kids**
**NO cats**

Tessa ~ Gloucester, NJ ~ Currently Unavailable

This is our sweet new girl Tessa who was surrendered along with Tyson after loosing their home.  Sadly their owner moved and could not keep them.

Tessa is a 6 year old fawn beauty who is tiny, super sweet and a little love bug.  She loves her foster momma and her furkid siblings. 

Tessa came to us on the thin side so we are trying to get some weight on her right now.

More to come...

**Ok with other dogs**
**Ok with kids**
**Ok with cats**

Parker ~ Parsippany, NJ ~ Hospice

Hi there,

My name is Parker.  Parker, P Diddy, or just P.  My foster momma has so many cute names for me, but her favorite is P so it's my favorite too!  

My story is quite a long one, but my foster momma said everyone will want to read it because I'm such a special boy - so here goes...

I grew up in an Amish puppy mill.  At the time I didn't know it was a 'puppy mill' or what 'puppy mill meant' - I just knew it was a very loud place with lots and lots of other dogs like me living in wire pens.  I had a lot of friends there, but we all had the same feelings about our home... we weren't very happy. 

No one paid much attention to us and if they did they weren't always very nice.  Back then I had no idea how truly great life could be.  When you live in the mill its the only life you know and you can't do much about it but get up every day and go through the motions... but when you get out you realize how horrible it is and you never, ever want to go back.  I feel so bad for all my friends that are still there.  I wish I could go set them all free.  I am lucky a nice rescue lady was able to get me out of there - I don't know how she did it, but man am I sooooooo grateful!  I feel real bad for my friends who couldn't come with me.  Each night, before I got to sleep, I thank God I'm no longer there and I also pray that each and every one of them can one day know what its like to be on the outside and be loved. 

Once I was free, the nice rescue lady gave me to a Doberman rescue - I was wondering if she realized I wasn't a Doberman.  She told me not to worry because this rescue loved Min Pins as well and I would be just fine.  I had no idea what it meant to go to a rescue, but soon found out it was pretty freaking AWESOME!  I was a little afraid at first, but once I realized humans equal love, food, warmth and everything else good in the whole big wide world, I was looooooooooooooooving it!

Then along came my forever and ever family.  Oh how I loved them.  They continued to show me that the world is a great place and I became deeply attached to my entire human family.  I even had new Min Pin siblings in my forever and ever home.  We had a great time for four years and then, suddenly, without warning... my human momma passed away.  I thought my heart might break completely in half.  I loved my human momma so much and I know she loved me... I didn't understand how she could be here and be fine... and then suddenly, just like that, she was gone. 

My human family was devastated too.  They loved my momma just like I did.  They tried to tell me it would be ok, but I just didn't understand why, when life seemed so good, God decided my momma needed to be in heaven. Thankfully I had my Min Pin sister Jetta.  She was as upset as me if not worse... after all, my momma was her momma since she was a teeny, tiny baby.  We comforted each other and spent many days sadder than sad.

Then one day human daddy told me that he was going to have to make THE hardest decision he had ever had to make and ask for the rescue to help with Jetta and me. At first I didn't understand, but you see my daddy works out of town and he couldn't quit his job - trust me, I begged him to, but he said he couldn't take care of our human sister if he did that.  With teary eyes, he promised me and Jetta we would both be ok and that the rescue would take very good care of us.

So, at 10 years old I am back at the rescue but let me just say my daddy is no fool.  No sir!  He was right and I am in heeeaaaven here. Yes, I still miss my human momma deeply, but I know she has to be smiling in heaven to see how happy I am again.  I know she would loooooooove my foster momma because she loves me just the same as my human momma did. 

When I got back to rescue I had to visit the doctor.  Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but I went along with it as any good boy would.  The vet said I needed a dental and she also discovered my little heart has a murmur.  After taking some of my blood, working her magic on it and taking a picture of my heart, she said I should be on medication for my little, bitty heart.  She told my foster momma my heart murmur is a Grade 5.  I don't know what that means, but my foster momma looked concerned which in turn caused me to look at the vet with concern.  My foster momma said I have to take my medicine to help my heart (which is enlarged) and she said my other medicine will also help control the fluid in my lungs.  I will have another picture taken of my heart in August. Thank goodness those don't hurt.

I heard the doctor tell my foster momma that a Grade 5 murmur is serious stuff and to top it off I'm no spring chicken.  So, my foster momma told me that because this is all the case, I will stay with her and her family under the care of the rescue for the rest of my days.  She said I have had enough change and bouncing around - which I totally agree with. =)  Whew... I did not want to have to move again. 

I'm pretty psyched about staying with the rescue forever.  I love it here and I love my foster family.  I'm pretty sure they love me too!  I don't know how much time I have left, but I don't let that get me down.  I say, live each day to the fullest and love life... What else can ya do?

My foster momma wanted me to add something she wrote earlier for you to read too:


Parker, or simply "P" as we lovingly refer to him, is the most adorable, laid back, go with the flow, small dog there ever could be. Even if you aren't a dog person, his personality is magnetic and everyone that meets him instantly adores him. He gets to go
 many places with our family and meet lots of new people.  He loves to sunbathe and relax with his two Doberman foster siblings, but we suspect his most favorite thing is to climb up and curl up with his foster family.  This little guy will make a bee line & hop up and spin around & get comfortable on our shoulders or under our arms the moment we settle down onto the sofa. We truly adore P.  

Well, I think I need a nappy now because that was a LOT to write for a small boy like me. 

Thanks for reading!





Sophia ~ Mexico

This is Sofia... sadly you can not meet her or adopt her because she is no longer alive....


Sofia was a beautiful red Dobergirl who was living in Cancun Mexico. 

She found herself in a shelter in Cancun and was set to come to DDR.  

Thankfully she was spared due to the efforts of concerned volunteers in Mexico as well as the US.

We were so excited to be able to help this poor girl start a new life here.  Sadly, she never made it. Sofia was heavy heartworm positive and died in Mexico before we were able to get her to the US.

Even if we had moved her quickly she may have died on the flight. She was so severely infected with heartworm disease and there was almost no chance of saving this sweet girl. 

How sad! She did not deserve the life she had there and she did not deserve to die this way.


We require all of our adoptive homes to use Heartworm Preventative year round so our dogs will never suffer like Sofia and our Spice. Heartworm disease will kill your beloved family member and it is so easily preventable.

Sofia spent her life suffering... no one cared enough to make sure she was protected from this horrible disease.

If your current pets are not on preventative you will be required to have them tested and started on preventative prior to adopting a DDR dog. 

Visit the American Heartworm Society's 
Web Site For More Information