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Many of our dogs are not suitable for homes with small children (children under 5)- PLEASE read the dog's bio thoroughly before applying. 
This could be for numerous reasons - small kids make them nervous, they need training, etc. 
If the dog does well with small children their bio will state "OK with small children".


We do not have designated adoption areas for our dogs. We normally do not go west of OH or south of VA and cover all northeastern states including New England. 
Once approved you are welcome to visit with suitable dogs no matter which state they are located in. Please be sure you are willing to travel to the location of the dog.

Marilyn ~ Pittsburgh, PA

This blue beauty is Marilyn.  She is 7 years old, but you would never know it!


Marilyn comes to DDR from the south.  She is a great girl who loves all humans and all other dogs.  She is also good with cats.


She is really coming into her own and loves playing with her canine foster siblings.


When Marilyn first arrived she had a skin infection, but that has all cleared up and she is looking fantastic.


Whoever gets to welcome this beauty into their new home is going to be super lucky!


Good with other dogs
Good with kids
Good with cats


Please click here for adoption information

Taz ~ Manchester, MD

Hi!  My name is Taz or ‘Little Fella’.  I’m a red Miniature Pinscher who will be 1 year old in September.  I LOVE to play with my doggy friends, food is awesome (hey, I’m a Min. Pin.), like to go on car rides, LOVE to play in water and snuggling beside you at bedtime (or naptime) is the best.


I didn’t have such a great start.  I went home with a lady that had a couple of small kids and because of her not having much time for me was kept pretty much in my crate.  I was crated so much and for so long at times that I would potty in the crate.  Her solution was to mention to a friend that she was going to take me to the pound.  Her friend didn’t want that to happen so she took me in. 


My new lady had a husband, a small child and a very old G. Shepherd who doesn’t play much these days.  She taught me not to be aggressive with food and house trained me (although I do still need to wear my ‘piddle pants’ for a few days when I go someplace new.  I really loved the 2-legged kid as he was always dropping pieces of food on the floor.  My new family was also very busy and didn’t have the time to devote to additional training so that I grow up to be a FABULOUS fella.


For some reason (they think something must have happened at my first owner's place), you see I’m not comfortable with certain men.  I need someone who can help me with this.  It’s not my fault that I’ve already had two homes.  I need someone who will give me the guidance and structure that any young dog needs.


Good with other dogs
Good with young children
Cats unknown


Please click here for adoption information

Olivia ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Meet our sweet, princess Olivia!

In addition to being stunning, she is super smart and very assertive.  This beauty is 10 months old and looking for a home where she can be the queen of her castle, but also have a breed savvy leader.

Olivia falls very hard, as most Dobies do, for her humans. She loves with her whole heart and wants nothing more than to be near her special person.

When it comes to other dogs, Olivia needs to be an only dog.  She wants to be the alpha and that's that.



Olivia will make a wonderful companion and because she is so very smart, we are recommending a basic obedience class for her.  She would aslo love to have a job and we feel certain she would excel in something like agility.

Will do best as an only dog
Cats are unknown
She will do best with children 8 and up


Please click here for adoption information

Smokey ~ Maywood, NJ ~ Adoption Pending

Smokey is one of five dogs DDR pulled from a local shelter as the result of a hoarding/neglect case.  Each of these dogs was used as part of a breeding program to achieve fawn and blue Miniature Pinschers. Some of the dogs seem to be more Min Pin, while others are a mix of Min Pin and Doxie. 

These poor babies were forced to eat, drink, sleep and live in their own feces and urine.  Many of them had skin issues and ingrown toe nails.  Some of them are more social than others, but all are loving and crave human affection.  DDR has been treating their skin issues and working on socializing each of them.  They will be listed when we feel they are adoptable.  These 5 babies have been named the 20th Street Gang as they were picked up at an address on 20th Street.  You can learn more about their sad past here:
Smokey is 20 pounds of pure love bug!  He's happy, outgoing and lives to snuggle.  He is very willing to play and run with the other dogs in the backyard and equally happy to cuddle quietly with his people.  If he takes a nap with his human he snuggles up under a blanket and will stay like that as long as his human wants.  He doesn't yet know obedience cues like sit and stay but we're working on this. He is very good with cats, even takes naps with them on the dog bed.  Smokey will be best in a household with children 10 or over.  Cats and other dogs are fine.  
As with the other dogs, Smokey had a skin infection as well.  He is healing nicely, but his hair is still growing back.  Despite all he has been through he is very easy to handle for bathing and general grooming.

Min Pins are a very loyal, loving and velcro breed.  Smokey is no exception.  He loves his family - both human, canine and feline - and wants nothing more to be an intricate part of that.  We are so happy he will never have to worry about neglect or lack of love ever again.
Good with other dogs
Will do best with Children over 10 years
Good with cats

Zorro ~ Pittsburgh, PA ~ Hospice

This is 8 year old handsome Zorro! He's one sweet baby who loves to go on walks, eat (what Min Pin doesn't) and take cuddly naps with his humans.


Zorro was surrendered to DDR by his owner who could no longer care for him.


Our little Zorro came in with severe dry eye which is being treated with medicated drops and he doing great He takes 2 medication drops along with artificial tears twice per day. Due to his dry eye he has diminished vision.


Zorro likes to sleep under the blankets curled up next to you, is crate trained, loves a lap to sit on, go for walks and loves to eat. Some of his favorite treats are bananas, celery and green beans. He is great with cats, dogs of all sizes and children 8 and older.


Don't think this eye issue slows this boy down - no way Jose! He's rearing to go and has an incredible love for life and living to the max.

Cali ~ Pittsburgh, PA

If we were handing out awards, Miss Cali would definitely be the recipient of Miss Personality!  She is such a joy to be around - always happy and always wanting to be near her human.

Cali's story is a sad one.  She came to DDR because her owners discovered she had diabetes and could not provide the care she needed for this disease.

DDR stepped in because there were no other options for Cali other than euthanasia. 

It's been a bit of a road to get her stabilized, but we believe we are almost there.  Cali's foster mom has done an incredible job with monitoring her blood sugar and keeping her stable.  Cali has been nothing but a trooper throughout this process - bless her little soul.

Cali is also now on a very strict diet.  When she came to DDR she was severely overweight which was probably part of, if not most of, the cause of her diabetes. 

We are hoping there is a wonderful and loving soul who will offer a forever home to our special needs baby... this person will not be intimidated by her having diabetes and will be comfortable monitoring her blood sugar on a regular basis.

At only 6 years old, Miss Cali could have many years ahead of her and we have promised her she need not worry... whether here with DDR or with her forever family, she will always have a safe and loving place to call home.

Good with other dogs

Good with kids
Good with cats

Please click here for adoption information

Parker ~ Parsippany, NJ ~ Hospice

Hi there,

My name is Parker.  Parker, P Diddy, or just P.  My foster momma has so many cute names for me, but her favorite is P so it's my favorite too!  

My story is quite a long one, but my foster momma said everyone will want to read it because I'm such a special boy - so here goes...

I grew up in an Amish puppy mill.  At the time I didn't know it was a 'puppy mill' or what 'puppy mill meant' - I just knew it was a very loud place with lots and lots of other dogs like me living in wire pens.  I had a lot of friends there, but we all had the same feelings about our home... we weren't very happy. 

No one paid much attention to us and if they did they weren't always very nice.  Back then I had no idea how truly great life could be.  When you live in the mill its the only life you know and you can't do much about it but get up every day and go through the motions... but when you get out you realize how horrible it is and you never, ever want to go back.  I feel so bad for all my friends that are still there.  I wish I could go set them all free.  I am lucky a nice rescue lady was able to get me out of there - I don't know how she did it, but man am I sooooooo grateful!  I feel real bad for my friends who couldn't come with me.  Each night, before I got to sleep, I thank God I'm no longer there and I also pray that each and every one of them can one day know what its like to be on the outside and be loved. 

Once I was free, the nice rescue lady gave me to a Doberman rescue - I was wondering if she realized I wasn't a Doberman.  She told me not to worry because this rescue loved Min Pins as well and I would be just fine.  I had no idea what it meant to go to a rescue, but soon found out it was pretty freaking AWESOME!  I was a little afraid at first, but once I realized humans equal love, food, warmth and everything else good in the whole big wide world, I was looooooooooooooooving it!

Then along came my forever and ever family.  Oh how I loved them.  They continued to show me that the world is a great place and I became deeply attached to my entire human family.  I even had new Min Pin siblings in my forever and ever home.  We had a great time for four years and then, suddenly, without warning... my human momma passed away.  I thought my heart might break completely in half.  I loved my human momma so much and I know she loved me... I didn't understand how she could be here and be fine... and then suddenly, just like that, she was gone. 

My human family was devastated too.  They loved my momma just like I did.  They tried to tell me it would be ok, but I just didn't understand why, when life seemed so good, God decided my momma needed to be in heaven. Thankfully I had my Min Pin sister Jetta.  She was as upset as me if not worse... after all, my momma was her momma since she was a teeny, tiny baby.  We comforted each other and spent many days sadder than sad.

Then one day human daddy told me that he was going to have to make THE hardest decision he had ever had to make and ask for the rescue to help with Jetta and me. At first I didn't understand, but you see my daddy works out of town and he couldn't quit his job - trust me, I begged him to, but he said he couldn't take care of our human sister if he did that.  With teary eyes, he promised me and Jetta we would both be ok and that the rescue would take very good care of us.

So, at 10 years old I am back at the rescue but let me just say my daddy is no fool.  No sir!  He was right and I am in heeeaaaven here. Yes, I still miss my human momma deeply, but I know she has to be smiling in heaven to see how happy I am again.  I know she would loooooooove my foster momma because she loves me just the same as my human momma did. 

When I got back to rescue I had to visit the doctor.  Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but I went along with it as any good boy would.  The vet said I needed a dental and she also discovered my little heart has a murmur.  After taking some of my blood, working her magic on it and taking a picture of my heart, she said I should be on medication for my little, bitty heart.  She told my foster momma my heart murmur is a Grade 5.  I don't know what that means, but my foster momma looked concerned which in turn caused me to look at the vet with concern.  My foster momma said I have to take my medicine to help my heart (which is enlarged) and she said my other medicine will also help control the fluid in my lungs.  I will have another picture taken of my heart in August. Thank goodness those don't hurt.

I heard the doctor tell my foster momma that a Grade 5 murmur is serious stuff and to top it off I'm no spring chicken.  So, my foster momma told me that because this is all the case, I will stay with her and her family under the care of the rescue for the rest of my days.  She said I have had enough change and bouncing around - which I totally agree with. =)  Whew... I did not want to have to move again. 

I'm pretty psyched about staying with the rescue forever.  I love it here and I love my foster family.  I'm pretty sure they love me too!  I don't know how much time I have left, but I don't let that get me down.  I say, live each day to the fullest and love life... What else can ya do?

My foster momma wanted me to add something she wrote earlier for you to read too:


Parker, or simply "P" as we lovingly refer to him, is the most adorable, laid back, go with the flow, small dog there ever could be. Even if you aren't a dog person, his personality is magnetic and everyone that meets him instantly adores him. He gets to go
 many places with our family and meet lots of new people.  He loves to sunbathe and relax with his two Doberman foster siblings, but we suspect his most favorite thing is to climb up and curl up with his foster family.  This little guy will make a bee line & hop up and spin around & get comfortable on our shoulders or under our arms the moment we settle down onto the sofa. We truly adore P.  

Well, I think I need a nappy now because that was a LOT to write for a small boy like me. 

Thanks for reading!





Sophia ~ Mexico

This is Sofia... sadly you can not meet her or adopt her because she is no longer alive....


Sofia was a beautiful red Dobergirl who was living in Cancun Mexico. 

She found herself in a shelter in Cancun and was set to come to DDR.  

Thankfully she was spared due to the efforts of concerned volunteers in Mexico as well as the US.

We were so excited to be able to help this poor girl start a new life here.  Sadly, she never made it. Sofia was heavy heartworm positive and died in Mexico before we were able to get her to the US.

Even if we had moved her quickly she may have died on the flight. She was so severely infected with heartworm disease and there was almost no chance of saving this sweet girl. 

How sad! She did not deserve the life she had there and she did not deserve to die this way.


We require all of our adoptive homes to use Heartworm Preventative year round so our dogs will never suffer like Sofia and our Spice. Heartworm disease will kill your beloved family member and it is so easily preventable.

Sofia spent her life suffering... no one cared enough to make sure she was protected from this horrible disease.

If your current pets are not on preventative you will be required to have them tested and started on preventative prior to adopting a DDR dog. 

Visit the American Heartworm Society's 
Web Site For More Information 

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