There are many myths about the Doberman breed.  
We hope to clear up any misconceptions you or others may have about Dobermans.

Misconception #1 - Miniature Dobermans

There are no Miniature Dobermans.  People tend to think Miniature Pinschers are Miniature Dobermans.  Miniature Pinschers (also known as Min Pins) are a breed that is much older than the Doberman breed. It was developed in Germany from terrier breeds such as the German Pinscher.  Miniature Pinschers are in no way related to the Doberman Pinscher.


Misconception #2 - When Dobermans Get Older, Their Brains Become Larger Than Their Skulls And They Attack Their Owner

I am still amazed each and every time someone asks me if this is true.  This is just physically impossible and untrue.  A Doberman is a canine, just like a Labrador Retriever, and has the same wiring as any other canine.


Misconception #3 - I had/have a Warlock Doberman

There was a Doberman male in the 1960's named Ch. Borong the Warlock.  He was a very famous Doberman.  Many people bred their females to him and he had many offspring.  Reputable breeders that used this dog in their bloodlines soon started advertising their bloodlines as "Warlock".  Back yard breeders soon started using the "Warlock" term to advertise their puppies as well.  They knew it would gain them more sales. They used the term "Warlock" to mean bigger and better.  For the last 20 years they have used the term to basically mean giant sized, rare, expensive Dobermans.

Warlock is nothing more than a myth.

Misconception #4 - Dobermans Turn on Their Owners

If a Doberman is properly bred, trained and socialized they are loving, loyal, family oriented dogs who would never think of doing such a thing.  The only reason a properly bred, trained and socialized Doberman would turn on someone is if they were being abused or there was a health issue.  Any animal would defend themself if they felt threatened.

Misconception #5 - You Must Make a Doberman Mean if You Want it to Protect You

Dobermans are naturally protective.  Attempting to make them mean will only backfire and your dog will end up protecting himself from you.

Misconception #6 - You Need to Keep Your Doberman Away From People Other Than Family if You Want it to Protect You From Strangers/Intruders

One of the most important things to do with a Doberman is socialize him/her.  If he/she is not confident, he/she will never protect you.  A poorly socialized dog will be afraid of new situations and people.  You should expose your Doberman to as many people and situations as possible.  As long as you are comfortable with the place or person, you should also introduce your Doberman.

Misconception #7 - White Dobermans are "Rare and Exotic"

There is no such thing as a white Doberman.  White dogs, such as Samoyeds, have dark eyes, skin and nose.  Dobermans known as "white" are albinos.  They are classified as tyrosine positive albino.  The albinos have pink skin and noses and blue or light yellow eyes. 

Albinos normally suffer from health issues and temperament problems.  They have white or cream colored coats.  Sometimes they have light tan markings.  They suffer from photosensitivity and cannot tolerate sunlight or bright light.  They often burn and/or blister if exposed to too much sunlight.  Temperament issues range from fear biting and shyness to hyper-aggressiveness. 

Since albinos are relatively rare, unethical breeders advertise them as "exotic" and "rare" striving to score outrageous prices.

Responsible breeders do not condone the breeding of albinos. 

Albinos can be registered with the American Kennel Club, but these dogs cannot compete in the confirmation classes.

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